In Search of the Missing Fundamental: by Richard K. Jones
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Step No. 4

MAKE ADJUSTMENTS IN SMALL INCREMENTS ONLY. Repeat this process until all lugs have been leveled. ALWAYS make sure you keep the drum within its MSR.




Move the pedal into mid playing range and strike the drum in the normal striking position with a medium hard stick a few times softly and once loudly. Place your ear close to the head and listen for clarity of pitch and near harmonic overtones. The idea throughout the tempering process is to find the differences in pitch at each tension lug point and correct them until the pitches of the soft strokes and loud stroke match. More than likely the drum will still need more tempering. More often than not, after measuring equally at each tension rod, the pitch at each rod will be extremely different and the head will be completely out of tune. This is usually due to a counterhoop that is not flush or the lip of the bowl is not flat and in plane. The maker of this product states that additional head clearing may be needed after initial leveling.

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