In Search of the Missing Fundamental: by Richard K. Jones
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Strings and Air Columns-“The Competition

Harmonic Motion
Harmonic Series
How “They” Vibrate
Harmonic Partials
Strings and Harmonics
Frequency, Pitch and Colour
Review 1

Chapter 2: Circular Vibrating Membranes

Inharmonic Motion
Ratios: 2f vs 1.59f …
Modes and Nodes
Membrane Modes
Lab 1
Review 2

Chapter 3: Studies on the Acoustic Properties of Timpani

Significant Studies
Timpani Sound Spectra
Preferred Modes
Air Loading
Rossing Et al.
Fleisher & Fastl
The Timpano Bowl
The Bearing Edge
Shape vs. Volume
Bowl Volume
The Vent-Hole
Resonantor or Radiator
Why Copper
Historical Influence
Environmental Effects
Review 3

Chapter 4: The Duplicity of Pitch Perception

Seebeck vs. Ohm
Place vs. Temporal
The Missing Fundamental
Virtual Pitch & Timpani

Chapter 5: Tempering a Mounted Timpani Head

Step No. 1: Centering the Head
Step No. 2: Defining the Range
Step No. 3: Scratch Tuning
Step No. 4: Leveling the Head
Step No. 5: Using a DrumDial™
StepNo. 6: Fine Tuning with an Electronic Tuner
Check Your Work

Chapter 6: Mounting New Heads

General Tips
Rulon Tape

In A Nut Shell
Electronic Tuners

Chapter 7:  Articles, Observations and Other Considerations

Alfred Friese Timpani Studies
Stick Placement and Articulation

Physics of the 4th

Pleading the Fifth
Timpani “Harmonicity”
Timpani Inharmonicity
Octave Harmonic Effect
The Duff Clearing Process
Timpani Audition Intonation
Period Performance

Timpani Bibliography

Chapter 1: References
Chapter 2: References
Chapter 3: References
Chapter 4 References